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Last name or GroupFirst nameNOCApparatusYearMusic titleMusic fromComposer
Rizatdinova  Ganna UKR Hoop 2017 Draconian Dream / Pulling a Thread / Draconian Dream Audiomachine / Chamber Orchestra of London, Andrew Skeet / Audiomachine  
Rizatdinova Anna UKR Ball 2009 Time To Say Goodbye Sarah Brightman, Andrea Bocelli 
Rizatdinova Anna UKR Ball 2010 Mission Impossible Rock Symphonies (Deluxe Version) CD 1 David Garrett 
Rizatdinova Anna UKR Ball 2010 Introduction: Moderato Assai - Allegro Ma Non Troppo Swan Lake Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky 
Rizatdinova Anna UKR Ball 2011-2012 The Promise Secret Garden 
Rizatdinova Anna UKR Ball 2013 Main Title, An Unending Story (Alternate) Basic Instinct Jerry Goldsmith 
Rizatdinova Anna UKR Ball 2013 Billie Jean Billie Jean / Thriller AyseDeniz Gokcin / Michael Jackson 
Rizatdinova Anna UKR Ball 2014 Weather Storm Craig Armstrong 
Rizatdinova Anna UKR Ball 2015 Canção do Mar (Chill Guitar Mix) Dulce Pontes, Blue System 
Rizatdinova Anna UKR Ball 2016 I Put A Spell On You Fifty Shades Of Grey Anne Lennox 
Rizatdinova Anna UKR Clubs 2011 I am not ready to die The Island Steve Jablonsky 
Rizatdinova Anna UKR Clubs 2012 Black Gold Home Armand Amar 
Rizatdinova Anna UKR Clubs 2013 L'étoile Parov Stellar & Max the Sax 
Rizatdinova Anna UKR Clubs 2014 Asturias William Joseph, Jesse Cook 
Rizatdinova Anna UKR Clubs 2015-2016 Found (Grand Version) Trailer Music 3 Album Kerry Muzzey 
Rizatdinova Anna UKR Clubs 2016 They Don't Care About Us / They Don't Care About Us Michael Jackson / David Garrett ft Valentina Babor 
Rizatdinova Anna UKR Hoop 2008 Horseriding / Grow Dull / Closing / Battle  Elizabeth The Golden Age Craig Armstrong 
Rizatdinova Anna UKR Hoop 2009 The Calvini Hit / Salinger Comes Home / Meeting Schumer The International Tom Tykwer, Johnny Klimek & Reinhold Heil 
Rizatdinova Anna UKR Hoop 2009 Opening, Horseriding, Closing, Battle Elizabeth: The Golden Age Craig Armstrong 
Rizatdinova Anna UKR Hoop 2010-2012 Mustang Nismo The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift Brian Tyler 
Rizatdinova Anna  UKR Hoop 2013 Moonlight sonata Dave Moore & Dick Heckstall-Smith 
Rizatdinova Anna UKR Hoop 2014 Caruso Luciano Pavarotti 
Rizatdinova Anna UKR Hoop 2015 Rhapsody in Blue George Gershwin 
Rizatdinova Anna UKR Hoop 2015-2016 Spain Intro Spain Michel Camilo & Tomatito 
Rizatdinova Anna UKR Ribbon 2008 Water (Voda) Elitsa Todorova & Stoyan Yankoulov 
Rizatdinova Anna UKR Ribbon 2010 Hopak  Ukrainian Traditional  
Rizatdinova Anna UKR Ribbon 2011 Inmigrant Emigrant Tanghetto 
Rizatdinova Anna UKR Ribbon 2012 Smooth Criminal 2 Cellos (Sulic & Hauser) 
Rizatdinova Anna UKR Ribbon 2013 Besame Mucho (Picco Radio Edit) Sean Finn & Picco feat. Carolina Lopez 
Rizatdinova Anna UKR Ribbon 2014 Intro / Dance / Carmen's entrance and Habanera / Torero Georges Bizet & Rodion Shchedrin  
Rizatdinova Anna UKR Ribbon 2016 Tomorrow Never Comes / Time To Go Crazy / Samba Forget Your Limitations / Beats Around The Bush Rishi & Harshil / Ganga Giri 
Rizatdinova Anna UKR Rope 2007 Tanguera  Sexteto Mayor  
Rizatdinova Anna UKR Rope 2010 Plaza of Execution / Leave No Witnesses / The Ride / The Fencing Lesson The Mask of Zorro James Horner  


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